Ticks are external parasites that feed on our animals and in the process transmit disease causing organisms such as Theileria that causes East Coast Fever. Other Tick Bourne Diseases include Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis also known as red water due to colour of the animal’s urine. We control these ticks using chemicals known as Acaricides. There are different Acaricides in the market today and these are Organophosphates group 2 (Steladone), Amidines (Amitraz 12.5% – Tixfix), Synthetic Pyrethroids (Ectomin) and their combinations. Long term use of any of these Acaricides, wrong dilutions, irregular application (skipping) and poor application methods all lead to resistance. We advocate for the correct use of either of the molecules at 3 month intervals and thereafter a rotation to a different molecule/active to curb resistance development.